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Hi Mike, I feel your pain. I’ve been searching for a teaching job since January and still nothing. It’s been 2 years since I’ve graduated and not a single interview to teach. I believe there is a surplus of teachers in the North East and in many areas, it’s a popularity contest, you have to know someone in the district. You’re doing the same as me, bookmarking the HR offices of actual districts. In NY we have BOCES that provides postings. On the national level there is schoolsprings and teacher-teacher.com; they are all free and both have listings. What schools often do is post things for a very short time, just to cover their asses. Keep trying your newspapers too; I’ve found that a posting will be in the paper but not on the school site. They wonder why men aren’t in the field– it’s because there is so much to do with just applying/finding a job and with NO feedback we get discouraged.

I to would love my own classroom. Hearing that they don’t even send your self-addressed confirmation is discouraging. Perhaps trying printing your materials on resume paper or an off-white; something that will “stand-out” against all the others. It is still frustrating because so much is done online and there is such a lack of personalism and human-ness to this process.

I really wish we had some direction on where the MALE teacher NEED was… anyone out there have a clue? I know in my NY area most of the elementary schools are still composed of women- from the principal down to the art teacher… we hear a “CRY” for men and yet we’re still DEAF…. WE NEED A VOICE, how do we get one???