H. van Steijn (ECE)
I am a Male provider for Newborns and Infants, but care for others too.
Now I have been established as ” A Mother’s Helper “. I supply care for all Newborns when Mom has PPD, therefore I am responsible for ALL the care during the night. I feed, change, bath baby, do baby laundry (including cloth diapers), Sterilize bottles, make formula, etc…
This is the most rewarding of my career so far.
I have been a Medical Assistant (Medic / Corp man) in the Canadian Military for 25+ years. During which I worked on a Pediatric Ward for 2 years. Some of which were terminally ill.
There I learned much of the care I now provide.
In the past I have worked with the pre-schoolers, but now it is so much more rewarding.
One would think there would be many Blocks that would limit the care provided, but with my Medical background these are just minor hurdles that I must cross.
I am proud to have specialized with Newborns & Infants.
NO I am not a teacher, but I do initiate learning by their 5 senses.
Often I have a 5 month old finger painting in chocolate pudding,
(I like to mix with rice or oat meal for texture).
Every baby has a chance to experiment with different products. I don’t teach them, I simply encourage learning! Someday, they will repeat an activity they did with me and they will remember the previous experience.
Newborns are Newborns & Babies are Babies, They are here to learn new things also.
Thats all I have to say at the moment.
Harebear (Harry – ECE Qualified + more)