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Bryan G Nelson

Thanks for your comments. I agree with you that it is important for men to change diapers.

I know it DOES sound strange and contradictory that people say that they want more men (viz. fathers) to care for their children but you are correct that many men are restricted from working with babies and this exclusion represents something.

In my experience, many people are afraid of men. They are afraid men are going to harm young children, especially sexually. They usually cite the data that more men harm young children then women.

First, I share everyone’s desire to have children be safe. I never want a child to be hurt by ANYONE. But the information about men harming children is distorted because it doesn’t focus on all the types of harm that happens to children and who is perpetrator is. The data shows that a child is more likely to be harmed in their own home then in schools or centers. Rather than restrict men from changing babies diapers, it’s really necessary to develop policies that protect our children from ALL people.

Too often those policies are about restricting men and in some cases all teachers from giving ANY touch to children. That is an absolutely ludicrious plan. Children need caring touch otherwise they do not thrive. There are many studies showing how harmful it is for children to not receive nurturing touch.

It is better to have policies where no teachers (male or female) is alone with children. That there be a thorough screening of employees (viz. references, background checks) and proper supervision. And there needs to be an open door policy for parents to come visit the program at any time.

Finally, there is no question about making certain our children are safe. And we also need to challenge the stereotypes about men and work to help young boys learn about nurturing to help men grow up to be caring men and we also need to restrict access by women who harm children so that the cycle of harm is stopped.