I want to start by saying this: This should NEVER come up in the classroom! Why should it? A person’s sexuality should have NOTHING to do with the classroom. Parents might ask, but this is none of their business and one should let them know that! This goes for anyone you work with as well! What happens in your bedroom should never be talked about at work.

I have had parents assume and say something to co-workers and directors. You have to pick your battles wisely. Remember, as a teacher, you are an advocate to everyone!

I am still in school. I will have my degree in about one year (which I am so excited about). I think that having a picture of my partner will be on my desk, but so will other people of my family (brother, sisters…etc). My partner does show up to some events however we don’t make this a big deal when he does. We act like every other couple there.

I hope this helps and makes since!