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I’m a former computer professional who changed careers to become an elementary teacher. I’ve applied to local school districts, been to job fairs (“place resumes here” in a box that you know is really labeled ‘trash’). I rarely get a reply or confirmation that they received my application, and some applications take hours to prepare. Even so, one school district said that if you want receipt of application, to include a stamped self-addressed envelope. I didn’t even get that one back! Coming from a corporate world, I’m shocked how inept and unprofessional district employment offices are, or… perhaps they are overwhelmed with candidates? Is there such a glut of applicants, or is it just a phenomenon local to Fairfield County, CT? Are the advertised jobs really out there? Or are many already filled and just listed due to statutory requirements?
Anyway, I abandoned my attempts at elementary, and got my secondary certification so that I can teach in middle or HS. I finally landed a long-term sub gig at an inner-city school (through an agency, I pay a fee), but that’s going to end soon, and I want classes of my own. I search the local sites daily, those sponsored by CEA (NEA) and REAP, as well as careerbuilder and my university website. In my search, I find that many jobs are exclusively listed on the local school sites. So I created some ‘favorites ‘ with direct links to those district HR or ‘job openings’ pages. I can offer my list of Southwestern CT district HR offices if someone could use it?
Is there a resource available to us that links to all the local school district employment offices? How about one that lists contact info for school principals, VP’s or department heads?