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Bryan G Nelson

Hi, Chuck and gscalerajr,

I’m really glad both of you posted. There needs to be additional experienced voices heard about what the struggles are for men in teaching.

I agree that the NBC was a very short piece – almost all national news are soundbites that rarely go into the depth that an issue deserves.

How did you find MenTeach.org? My guess is that it was from watching NBC Nightly News.

I think it served our purpose and why MenTeach spent the time finding a young man to represent our profession well.

With over 8 million viewers, I think we got a message out. That there are fewer men. And this has gone on for over 100 years – except after World War II and the GI Bill when there was a dramatic increase of men teachers.

I would welcome your help at making this site useful for experienced teachers like yourself. We are run by volunteers so perhaps both of you would like to help out.

What are your suggestions? And what would, using volunteer time, make this site better?