They just want to hire a female teacher…that’s all…discrimination in hiring against men.

That was such a bogus excuse – it’s pathetic.

Unfortunately, this forum is afraid to address this issue.

They have plenty of qualified women and just don’t care about hiring you.

I taught in Chicago from 1969 to 1973 in Elementary. I was at Atgeld Elementary on the West Side near Pulaski and Madison and a school at 79th and Jeffery. This was during the Vietnam
War and there was a big shortage of teachers plus if you were male and agreed to teach in the “inner city” you could get a draft deferrment and avoid military service. Atgeld had about 35% male elementary teachers….most all there to avoid the draft.

The NEA does not care about how you are treated nor does the Union and I must tell you
I would look for a new job….how about selling text books to schools?????

Contact Mondo Publishing…NYC…they make great elementary library books for the classroom
that are NON-fiction and boys love them.

Good Luck ….many give political lip service to hiring men but they hire women, time and time and time and time and time again.