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I think that’s what Bryan means when he says it depends on your location and why, unfortunately, some districts concentrate on the money they’re paying their teachers, as opposed to the quality of the teacher. One of my acquaintances even made a joke, stating the school district he works for is a “family business”, and that he was lucky to get a job.

However, reading that post about the extra pay for math and science teachers down south gives a sense of hope; that there is a realization of the importance of teachers in general.

Instead of the number of currently working male teachers, I am interested to know the number of qualified and highly-qualified male teacher candidates trying to get a job. If it is a high number, maybe we can begin to find more answers as to why there aren’t more male teachers.

CHUCK – it sounds like you would be a great resource for any district. You can only keep trying, and if your circumstances allow you to, maybe applying further away to see what comes of it?

I wish you the best.