Bryan G Nelson

Hi, Melinda,

Good questions.

First, when my own children first attended school, when both my son and daughter first started school they sometimes were nervous (they had female teachers) and my son had stomach aches. We helped him by playing with him and talking about it. The play was the best thing to do since he couldn’t always explain or articulate what exactly was making him nervous.

So – it happens for boys and girls for any new situation.

Second, I think it’s great to talk with the teacher. I always wanted parents to come to me with any concern. Obviously, I don’t know the male teachers so cannot say whether it is their gender or whether their style of teaching or personality.

Again – I think the best approach is to – in a nonconfrontational manner – ask for the teacher’s help in resolving the child’s concerns.

I’d love to hear what you figured out with your 4th grade male teacher. Did you ever have another male teacher again in later grades? How did that go?