Thank you Eric for your comments. I wanted to give you some insight to what I have been doing….

1) I’ve spent countless hours on my resume with a career counselor from the college I went to in addition to having other educators (principals and former superintendents and my retail manager) look at my resume… all say something different– it seems it’s all based on personal preference. I’d be happy to send you my CV/resume for your insight if you wouldn’t mind looking at it.

2 and 3) I’ve looked at the eastern part of NY from Glensfalls south of albany, including parts of NYC. Out of state at NC and FL– all dead ends… most now have military preference (adding to the competition). I’ve heard it’s difficult in NY especially due to the # of teaching colleges in the state in addition to the ‘politics’ involved–it’s all about who you know. So much of the application process is done via the internet through data base searches.

4) any tips you have on differentiating my resume– please pass them along!

you can reach me @ my email address gscalerajr@gmail.com Thanks again