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I am in my early 30’s and having no results in finding a job. I have a business degree and obtained a teaching liscence (at a cost) in Social Studies. I did not play Football. Seems to be a popular “bi-product “of having a Social Studies certification here in Ohio. Seems to me I picked a bad time to have an intrest in teaching. My wife (who is a teacher) seems to think that if I were to get an ESL endorsement my marketability would improve. I have a hard time accepting that. What hapened to educating in English? When I took French in high school, the instructor did not speek a lik of english the entire time. I see your point about feeling discriminated against based on your resume. It is sad that there are people out there with your life experience that cannot even get a good look(all I have to my credit is a series of successful business turnarounds and a colege degree). We are victims of No Child Left Behind. I choose not to speak to employers about my political positions as they pertain to NCLB. Normal children have become the second class student. I understand helping those students who need it, but when it comes to hiring 4 special ed. teachers instaed of 6 regular ed. teahcers, we have a serious issue. Thanks W.