i just want to update you folks about the situation. well…about a week after posting this topic, i approached my director again. we talked about it and she agreed that i wasnt informed of the situation appropriately. that was probably my biggest gripe about the whole thing. although it may be ignorance on the parents part, i expect it as a male in early childhood ed field. my director told me which parents had the trust issue and recommended that i speak to them.

i didnt think confronting them was the right thing to do, so took it one day at a time, making small conversation with them every morning at drop off time. diapering was no problem because the two girls who i specifically was warned about, are already potty trained (parents weren’t even aware that they could use the toilet on their own). i was able to strengthen the parent/teacher relationship effectively this way. just today, one of the parents who had complained about me when i first started, gave me a thank you card saying how much she is glad that i am one of her child’s teachers. when she gave it to me, she kept going on and on about how much her child enjoys coming to school (vs. before i started my employment at the center) and how much she’s grown and had learned since i became her teacher.

i am just so much happier now than when i first started. i am so glad i stuck it out. oh and thank you all for your support. =)