Adam Gardner - Recruitment Associate - Breakthrough Collaborative

In 2007, we accepted 256 male teachers nationally, which is 36% of our total.
We are just beginning to track information on how many of our teachers go into the teaching profession, so unfortunately, we don’t have those numbers right now.

Our institutional memory, so to speak, tells us that 72% of our teachers go on to teach professionally, but we don’t have the hard data to back that up just yet.

We serve approximately 2,500 students, with a balanced ratio of boys to girls, so 1,250 boys nationally.

The ethnic breakdown of our 2007 male teachers is as follows:

African American 44 17%
Asian American 38 15%
European American 96 38%
Latino 25 10%
Multiracial 11 4%
*Totals do not balance because others declined to state

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