by Kitt Cox

Men in Education Network (M.E.N. Interest Forum) – October 6, 2007

I. Biographies – The men shared their experience working in early education.

II. Professional Assistance

– Forming relationships between male educators and parents:

  • Bulletin Board “Meet the Men” at your center. Bio’s, background etc… with section in the middle on “a balanced approach” that illustrates the physiological differences between boys and girls and how educators of different genders can be more attuned to same-sex children. This also meets the needs of all children to have both male and female role models, especially the long-term personal, academic and professional success effects.
  • Night with the Teachers- Invite parents to an evening at your center with your teachers. Plan activities and discussion around balancing consistent messages with diverse parenting and teaching strategies.
  • Daily interactions with parents on topics of relative importance (other than their kids) Rather than a “child centered” approach, try a “family centered” perspective.
  • Handbook? Define the spectrum of “good teaching practices”. Workshop for staff and/or families on “a balanced approach” where men and women communicate similar messages in different ways, but of equal importance.
  • Father’s Breakfasts, pics of Dad’s and children displayed around center.

III. Mission Statement

– We want to create: visible network for people with interest in men’s issues in early education and care. (Recruiting and retaining men)
– Who for: educators, administrators, service providers, include women and LGBT communities
– What provides: forums for discussion, information, advice, annual retreat
– How gives: List serve, via Schot Fellows, AEYC, MenTeach, Head Start?
– Expanding network using: State access to Family Care Providers/In-home care providers.
College/University Education Departments (Wheelock Men’s meetings). State Dept. of Ed for public/private schools with pre-schools

IV. Overnight
– May 10 and 11, 2008 one month after NH and MA conferences.
– Venue?
– Find structure from Midwest retreat (Bryan Nelson’s) – Kitt and JD

V. Conference Forums
– MassAEYC workshop proposal with associated reception (Craig and Kitt)
– NHAEYC proposal with associated reception (JD and Jeff)

VI. Disseminating Information
– Dartmouth List Serve
– Post info on and refer people