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What is the Schott Fellowship?
We are now accepting applications for a one-year fellowship for early care and education professionals in Massachusetts . The fellowship offers twelve professionals the opportunity to engage in public policy, build their leadership skills and focus on social justice for children and their families. The fellowship in 2008 will focus on these topic areas:

  1. Transportation: Transporting young children to early care and education programs as well as on field trips has been a constant challenge. What policies do you think should be created to deal with transportation issues?
  2. Quality Rating Systems: Many states are enacting quality rating systems. How should Massachusetts respond to this?
  3. Young Children in Public Schools: Increasing numbers of young children are in public schools. What additional solutions would be effective policies for these children?
  4. Men in Our Profession: What are the policy issues and solutions.
  5. Family Child Care: What policies would better support the needs of family childcare in Massachusetts?

Preschool Boys: Are early care and education programs structured to maximize the success of boys? How can our policies better serve young boys, especially young boys of color who have higher suspension rates from preschool programs? topic areas are encouraged to apply.

About The Schott Fellowship
Schott’s goal is to develop and strengthen a broad-based and representative movement for young children in Massachusetts . We seek to build public will and improve public policy for young children.

How do I apply?

Download an application at

For a printed application contact

Valora Washington, Ph.D., Fellowship Director

Schott Fellowship
1000 Massachusetts Ave. Room 308
Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: 617-873-0678
Fax: 617-873-0434

Application deadline is September 15, 2007

Who should apply?


  • Should be mid-career professionals with at least five years of experience working with or on behalf of children and families. Senior school administrators, early childhood program leaders, child or family advocates are encouraged to apply.
  • Should demonstrate both commitment and experience working within communities of color and/or in economically underserved communities.
  • Should have experience doing public policy projects and recognize the role and potential of public policy to promote educational equity and opportunity for all.
  • At the time of applying, must be employed by an agency that works with or on behalf of children and families, and that agrees to provide the Fellow with two days each month to participate in fellowship.

Why a Fellowship in Early Care and Education?

The aims of the Schott Fellowship in Early Care and Education are to engage, support and sustain a diverse group of senior leaders in early care and education; to strengthen public policy and policy advocacy; and to help leaders develop skills to be change agents both within their organizations and in society.