Ron Blatz - Manitoba, Canada

The Province of Manitoba is committed to take efforts to increase the number of men in ECE.


It is part of a 12 point Five Year plan for the development of our ECE system here in my province. If you read through the document (you can download the pdf document here: Five Year Plan) the 20% increase in funding targeted to increased wages and a Pension plan. I thought we would never be able to use the “P” word in our industry.  This is a day to celebrate for Families and ECE’s here in our province.

As a note to friends outside of Manitoba, this is all being done while holding the parent fees at their present rate (they are controlled by our government and have remained unchanged since 2000), while attempting to increase capacity by 6,500 spaces including 35 new locations in the next 5 years. By far the most ambitious and concrete plan ever seen in our province and we believe the best plan in our whole country.

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