by Bill Woods - 4BC - Australia

We know there needs to be more women in senior corporate and political positions, but gender equality should also include teaching and nursing.

NAPLAN results show that boys are performing poorly at school. Among the many reasons is the need for more male teachers, especially at infant school level where men make up less than 20 per cent of teachers.

Bill Woods is joined by Dr Tanveer Ahmed, Psychiatrist & Social Commentator, who says “more male teacher role models would be the place to start to close the educational gap between boys and girls.”

In nursing, we have a huge need for health workers and yet, in both professions, our culture has cast men as predators, building stigma that drives them away from these crucial areas.

“Gender equality advocates need to get onboard and push for gender equality in these professions”, says Dr Ahmed.

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November 11, 2022