According to Eurostat, in Estonia is just every eighth schoolteacher is male, which is the EU’s lowest indicator, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

Based on the data of 2013, the share of female teachers is high besides Estonia (88.2%) in the other two Baltic States too. In Latvia the proportion of female teachers is 83.2% and in Lithuania 81.2%.

In Greece, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, however, every third teacher is male and the proportion of female teachers in these countries is around 65%.

Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020 sets, among other things, an aim to reach a level of having ¾ of women and ¼ of men among teachers.

The University of Tallinn doctoral thesis student and Keila School teacher Ahti Noor said that among Estonia’s around 500 schools, forty have no male teachers at all.