Speaking of kindergarten nannies, the first picture that pops into our heads is usually of those tender, versatile female nannies. But in a kindergarten in Nanjing, a male nanny is doing a great job.

This is how Zhang Guoliang spends his day at work, playing games and chanting songs with the kids. Just like any female kindergarten teacher, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments are all his strong points. Zhang has also invented his own English games and children love them.

Zhang graduated from college three years ago. From out of his 7 classmates, only Zhang now works as a teacher. He says he derives great pleasure from his job.

Zhang Guoliang, Teacher, Kindergarten at Nanjing Foreign Language School, said, “I like to take the kids outside. We can play at ease and completely free ourselves.”

As the only male nanny in the kindergarten, Zhang is popular among both kids and parents. Zhang’s presence diversifies the teaching team, bring more freshness and vitality to the campus.

Parent, Kindergarten at Nanjing Foreign Language School, said, “It’s very good that the kindergarten has a male teacher. He can helps the kids to shape brave, lively characters.”

Yang Xueping, Head, Kindergarten at Nanjing Foreign Language School, said, “Male teachers’ attitudes and teaching styles are quite different from the tender, sensitive female teachers, so the kids love him very much.”

In Nanjing, the ratio of male kindergarten teachers to female ones is one to 99. There are less than 20 male kindergarten teachers in total in the whole city. To encourage more males to take up the job, the government has offered free tuition to the first batch of 3-hundred-students majoring in pre-school education.
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