by Mike Didymus - Guardian - UK

Men are making up ground on women when it comes to working with children, according to Kingston College.

The college has had more applications from blokes for its childcare courses than ever before.

Despite talk of streams of redundant bankers moving into the industry because of the economic downturn, evidence from the college suggests men are simply becoming more aware of their options in the traditionally female-dominated profession.

Nursery manager Richard Humphrey, 36, who is studying management and early years leadership, said: “I used to help out a friend who ran an after school club which I enjoyed, and this led on to working at a nursery.

“I realised I wanted a career in childcare so decided to take a degree course.

“There is very little specific training for managers working in childcare so the course is very relevant to my role – for example, we’ve been required to design a business plan and deal with conflicts.”

Jamie Grubb, 17, is on a work placement at Tolworth’s Advantage Nursery while he studies for his diploma in childcare and education.

He said: “When I was in Year 10 I did some work experience at Robin Hood School.

“All my friends were doing IT, sports or science and I wanted to do my own thing.

“I really enjoyed the work experience at the school, and thought this direction would suit me.”