by Tim Rohrmann - SIG Gender Balance


Norway has 10% men in ECEC now. The topic is discussed in the media again, after publication of a new book by Kari Emilsen & co-authors. In Norway, men in ECEC has been a success story, but in the past years the government has not developed any new initiatives. The authors conclude: “If we don’t do anything, nothing will happen. But it is possible to do a lot!” Read the full article in Norwegian:

More than 60.000 men work in ECEC in Germany, leading to an all-time-high of 8,1% male ECECworkers in Germany, as statistics from 2023 show. In the age group up to 30 yrs, 13% of all workers are male. As Tim Rohrmann states, “without measures for supporting men in the entry stage, and strategies for keeping them in the profession, many of these men might leave the field after a while”.

In the USA, the percentage of male Childcare workers has increased to 5,7%. Bryan G. Nelson, Director of MenTeach observed, “If the pandemic and shutdown had not happened we would have had growth of male teachers unheard for 50 years since the 1970s. I believe that men will return and surpass the percentage we had in the past.” Read the article: