I’ve been trying to set the time aside to post to MenTeach but there has been so many e-mails to answer. One of the participants sent me a photo of our discussion group (there were several). It has taken five years to make the event happen – it was outstanding!

It’s really hard to express how meaningful it was for so many of us. Men and women from all over the world were there – Kenya and Malawi, Scotland and Norway. Every continent was represented. The indigenous language immersion programs from Hawai’i and New Zealand were attending in great numbers – the welcoming ceremony was done by the Hawai’ians – it really set a tone of warm and unity.

All the plenary sessions and workshops went well and hearing others talk about what they are doing in their own county was very inspiring. We hope to secure some additional funding to travel around the world to visit some of these new friends. I find visiting a country is so much more interesting when you know a local person.

We’ve made so many new friends all over the world through this work. we knew each other via e-mail but now we have faces added to the names.

The last day, after the conference, a group of us played some frisbee football on the beach. The Aussies were a pretty wild bunch – it must be all that rugby they play!