Middle Eastern & African Journal of Educational Research, Issue 3, 2013, 107

This research was conducted to understand the attitudes of female preschool teachers’ towards male preschool teachers while hiring job. In the research there were two CVs which have all the same features except their genders. These CVs were given to female preschool teachers to assess them as hiring job. These questions were; Do you think this teacher would be a good teacher? Would you hire this person as a preschool teacher? Would you prefer this teacher as a teacher of your child? Would you think that children prefer this teacher as their preschool teacher? Do you think this person is happy as a preschool teacher? Female preschool teacher ranked these questions 1 to 10 while evaluating. Participants of the research consisted of six participants from private schools and 24 participants were from government schools. By considering CVs, all female preschool teachers ranked five questions that were asked them about hiring job of that preschool teacher. According to independent sample t-­‐‑test that there was a significant difference between attitudes towards male preschool teachers while hiring job. The result showed that female preschool teachers have negative attitudes towards male preschool teachers. In addition to these, working with a male preschool teacher before did not have a significant difference between attitudes of female preschool teachers

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