Principal of Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, Barbara Parris is always happy when male teachers participate in the programmes offered by the College.

She is even happier when they gain distinctions and top classes, which are year by year, female dominated.

This Saturday, the College will have a graduating class of 243 teachers, out of that number 90 have gained distinctions, and several of those outstanding students are males.

Roger Scott, one of the top males, has been a teacher for 13 years, he described his teaching style as becoming ‘very predictable and traditional.’
This prompted the foreign language teacher to find a way to enhance his teaching skills, so he applied to Erdiston Teachers’ Training College to pursue the Diploma in Education (Dip Ed) Secondary Programme with a focus on Spanish.

The most important thing I gained was the ability to explore different learning styles and strategies he said. “I learned various strategies to cater to the entire class, not just the stronger students but those with seeming less able.”

“The fact that I teach language – very often my focus was on the written word, but I realised the need to expose the students to more oral exercises. What I realised was the students who may not be so competent in the written word, actually flourished when they were exposed to opportunities to orally express themselves,” Scott indicated.

Anthony Browne, a teacher at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (SJPP) for the past two years, said he jumped at the opportunity when he heard there was a programme being offered by the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College that could help him execute his duties better. “At the end of the day if you are doing a job you should have the tools necessary to do it effectively,” stressed the top male of the Technical and Vocational Teacher Training for Adult Learners Programme.

“…this training has helped me to sharpen my strategies, and deliver the subject areas in a more effective manner. Also, I have been able to understand how young adults think; catering lessons to suit …”

Carlson Spooner – Pascal continues to take advantage of the wide range of programmes offered by the College. Having previously completed the Diploma in Education; he will be graduating this week with the Certificate in Education Management and Administration.

“All who aspire to be a leader should consider taking part in this course. It is a course about leadership and management so as you progress in the teaching service you really should try to get all skills necessary to be an effective leader,” he expressed.

“The biggest impact it had on me was understanding that good leadership is important to have an effective school. There are other factors such as discipline, but you need to know how to lead, how to motivate persons, and how to deal with the personal side of your staff; for example those who might be ill, or have a death in the family.”

Andre Hinds, a teacher at Hillaby Turners Hill Primary School, having completed the Diploma in Education Primary shared:
“Even though I had been in the teaching service, I had never actually had a class. I was assigned as the IT coordinator, so this is my first time having a class, being in charge of students from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 pm.”

“One of the most rewarding things coming out of the programme was when a parent admitted to me that they were a little skeptical at first seeing that I never taught before. However, after seeing the strategies I used and how their son reacted to how I taught and the excitement he brings home, the parent said they couldn’t thank me enough.”