The First Day of “The Great Expectations School”

Each year, millions of teachers and students across the country head into the classroom. Meanwhile, Congress is discussing the reauthorization of the controversial No Child Left Behind legislation. The following excerpt from my new rookie teacher memoir, The Great Expectations School, chronicles my turbulent first day leading a fourth grade class at the Bronx’s P.S. […]

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Prejudice against male teachers

I had to laugh in frustration at the recent article by Corinne Hess on why more men don’t teach in schools. I’m a elementary substitute teacher with a master’s degree in education, who in 2002 switched from working in the business world for more than 14 years and went back to school to get my […]

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Are you concerned about the lack of diversity in education?

I personally believe that children need to see both male and female teachers and most importantly they need to see them working together. The situation on how this situation can be changed is more complex. I have asked this question myself. A university adviser told me that many men try early childhood education but move […]

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Yet Some Schools Have 35% Males

Chris Saltalamacchio had all female teachers at his Long Island, N.Y., elementary school until he reached the fifth grade. “I was kind of freaked out about the idea of having a male teacher,” he remembers. So Saltalamacchio could understand why one of his first-graders at Cecil Manor Elementary School in Elkton, Md., had her mom […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Few: Men In Child Care

As a recent ECE graduate, I have an advantage when I look at my prospective child care career. On practicums in the field, I have observed some of the issues — both good and bad — unravelling around having a male caregiver in a child care centre. A men’s networking/support group, offered through the Manitoba […]

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Some Schools Won’t Hire Men

[MenTeach was interviewed for a Newsweek article this fall and there has continued to be comments. Read one below.] This is a prime example of the gender bias found in education today. There is no shortage in male candidate, yet there is a shortage in male teachers. I was a candidate once but despite all my efforts, […]

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