A bit of history about male teachers in the United Kingdom

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) is a trade union for school teachers in England and Wales. It is a member of the Trades Union Congress. The Union only recruits qualified teachers and those training to be qualified teachers into membership and currently has over 292,000 members, making it the largest teachers’ union in the United Kingdom […]

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Uganda: Check Bias Against Male Nurses

I am a male nurse working in a very busy hospital. Some people believe the two are mutually exclusive. “Oh, so you are a male nurse”, they say, not entirely convinced. Why do we need the qualifier “male” in front of the word nurse? After all, there are male and female teachers, doctors, chefs and […]

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Report: Male teachers now an ‘endangered species’

Male pre-kindergarten and early education teachers are almost as rare as komodo dragons, and they’re getting rarer, according to recent findings and recommendations released by the Community Advocates for Young Learners (CAYL) Institute. The number of men working in education has reached its lowest point in the past 40 years, the Cambridge-based organization found. The […]

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Teachers Make a Difference: A Male Student’s Journey

Derrick Vestal doesn’t mind being the only male in his Early Childhood Education classes at Cleveland State. In fact, he could not be more certain he made the right decision on his choice of a major. The Niota native said he has known since he was in seventh grade that he wanted to be a […]

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Obama’s win could have effects within classroom

Like so many people throughout Atlanta, I was awed by the celebration over Barack Obama‘s victory in the presidential election. I witnessed another poignant victory the next day, when I visited a high school history class in the southwest part of the city. The teacher played portions of Obama’s acceptance speech and asked students for their […]

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Hunt is on for more men to lead classrooms

  If it didn’t run afoul of employment laws, principal Thomas DeVito would consider taking out the following newspaper advertisement: “Wanted: Male teachers.” At his Ferryway School, where boys slightly outnumber girls, male teachers are a rare species, presiding over only four of the 35 classrooms. “The district has a job fair every year, but […]

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