My son had an amazing experience teaching

My son, as he has told me, had an amazing experience working with children over the summer at the Daycare. The children anticipated his arrival on the days he worked. I had never seen the educators have so much fun and be so involved in “rough play” as when he was there. One educator who […]

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Men teaching in the news

Every day we see more and more stories about men teaching – the attention to this topic is hopeful and we believe an indication of the interest. Both the posting of the article to and the Good Morning America segment generate more than 30,000 hits in one day to the website! We’ve been […]

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Boys want male teachers

Jack Kammer, who created The Center for Men and Boys in Social Policy forwarded a new study that comes from the Maine Boys Network has come out with The Gender Divide in Academic Achievement (2008) that interviewed boys about their attitude about schools. In one part boys said what type of teachers they want: “Just over one-third of the groups discussed […]

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MenTeach E-News – October 2008

1) Male teachers are vital role models according to another study 2) False accusations hurt male teachers – one man’s story 3) Male teachers crucial as role models 4) MenTeach appears on ABC News Good Morning America 5) Promoting Gender Diversity in the Massachusetts Early Childhood Workforce 6) Can you help my son be a […]

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Male teacher: Looking for a teaching job

[MenTeach: We receive letters from people asking for help. This letter is representative of the tight economy.] I’ve taught in inner city Houston schools for 17 years, mostly grades 2-4. I then taught in a suburban public school for two years. For the past 1 1/2 years I’ve taught in a private theraputic boarding school […]

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Discovery Channel looking for fathers

  MenTeach has been talking with Discovery Channel and it turns out they are changing their focus of their documentary from men in child care to fathers: We are looking to focus on a group of fathers who meet regularly so that there is a community component to it.  It would be nice if that […]

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