Mr. Teacher? Fewer men in front of the class

Jan B. Hansen’s 8:30 a.m. class at the University of St. Thomas has 27 students, all aspiring teachers. Many are headed for their first student-teaching experience next spring. When they get their licenses, they will be qualified to teach grades K-8. There’s another thing … they’re all women. The number of men in Minnesota classrooms […]

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Where the boys aren’t

Some of my best friends are men. More importantly, some of my best teacher friends–sounding boards, inspirations and educational soul mates–are men. But men are a diminishing force in teaching, a distinct cause for alarm when you consider that half the pool of prospective teachers is men. Newsweek and CBS took up the cause of gender balance in teaching […]

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Male Teacher Shortage Hits Home

Public school students need many resources to receive the best quality education: clean, safe schools, updated classroom materials, but perhaps most importantly, students need caring, well-educated teachers to serve as positive role models. Educators say they’re concerned those role models may be in short supply as fewer men choose to become teachers. According to the […]

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The Status of Men

A Special “New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Men” was appointed to conduct a study on the subject. The New Hamphshire official website published the study on status of men (in following link), which can be considered to be applicable to men in western world and also men in fast growing economies. […]

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K-12 Improvement Center of United Negro College Fund Education Summit

While a college education is vital to achieve great lengths in the workplace and in life, the quality of time spent in the classroom years before determines whether a person will excel in higher education. This school of thought was deeply expressed during the second annual United Negro College Fund Education Summit: Transforming K-12 Education- […]

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Male elementary-education majors say they are needed minority

When the students that Kingsley Bennett tutors found out he was going to intern at their school, Eagle’s Nest Elementary in southwest Orlando, they were so excited that there were high-fives all around. Bennett is a senior elementary-education major in UCF’s College of Education. “In elementary school, where children learn the basics, there are few […]

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