Video: Why do men teach elementary children?

This video shows male elementary teachers from around the country talking about things they like about their jobs in an attempt to get more high school students to consider elementary teaching as a career. My classmate and I made it for our education capstone project at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC.

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Do we really need teachers to be male role models?

It’s been odd to hear so much concern at the news that the proportion of male teachers has fallen to its lowest-ever level. The truth, of course, is that the vanishing male teacher should not worry anyone. Quite the reverse. Most of us are quite annoying in some way or another, and too many of […]

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Editorial: Being a Father and A Teacher

When I first started working with infants and toddlers the last thing I was thinking about was being a role model as a male teacher. All I was trying to do was just to survive every day without making too many unintentional mistakes. I did not like making mistakes and tended to avoid situations that […]

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Black educators can help solve racial disparities in education

As we close out Black History Month, I believe Jacksonville has an opportunity to make history by investing in black educators. Research has shown that teacher diversity helps all students, especially students who look like them. One study found that low-income black boys are 39 percent more likely to graduate high school if they have […]

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Editorial: A Man in Hawai’i Working during the pandemic

I work at The Early School on the island of Oahu in Hawaii as a toddler teacher in the Young Children’s Program. When we moved into the Spring Break of 2020 I was very concerned about the Corona virus. So was everyone else in Hawaii. It was the weirdest start to a Spring Break I […]

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Editorial: Getting back to the first grade

During my second year in law school, I was involved in an automobile accident. At that time, my financial cushion was threadbare, so meeting the insurance deductible abraded the fabric. Having no patch material or thread with which to sew, I had to go to work. I became a full-time sixth-grade teacher in Grosse Pointe […]

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