Editorial: A Man in Hawai’i Working during the pandemic

I work at The Early School on the island of Oahu in Hawaii as a toddler teacher in the Young Children’s Program. When we moved into the Spring Break of 2020 I was very concerned about the Corona virus. So was everyone else in Hawaii. It was the weirdest start to a Spring Break I […]

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Editorial: Getting back to the first grade

During my second year in law school, I was involved in an automobile accident. At that time, my financial cushion was threadbare, so meeting the insurance deductible abraded the fabric. Having no patch material or thread with which to sew, I had to go to work. I became a full-time sixth-grade teacher in Grosse Pointe […]

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Do White People Get It? Racism Through the Eyes of a Black Male Teacher

The video of George Floyd taking his last breath was difficult for me to process. I experienced anger, sadness, fear, frustration, disgust, outrage, and betrayal. I can’t express what I felt when Floyd begged the officer to remove his knee from his neck and called out to his deceased mother. Watching him being restrained in […]

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Editorial: A Male Teaching in a Pandemic

I teach because of the relationships formed with my students. I enjoy the curriculum and the data part of the job, but the relationships formed with the students is why I do it. I like kids. Distance learning has changed my daily routine and that’s frustrating. But overall, day by day we’ll get through this […]

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Letter: More men needed in early childhood education in Canada

I am a second-year student in the early childhood education program at Lambton College and want to address the lack of men in the field. I believe more men want to get in this field but feel the stigma is pushing them away. They should be welcomed and wanted in caregiving positions. According to the […]

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Why Men of Color Like Me Are Leaving the Classroom

I had never taught Tatiana before. Yet, after a Latinx student meeting in Oakland, the 12th grader unexpectedly embraced me, sobbing: “You’re the first Mexican teacher I’ve seen at this school; I just wanted to say thank you.” Translation: I’ve never seen someone like you in a position of academic importance. I understood Tatiana. In […]

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