Men-only teacher training planned

A proposed men-only teacher training facility in Nelson could avoid discrimination rules if it proved boys had been disadvantaged in the past, the Human Rights Commission says. The principal of prestigious boy’s school Nelson College is so worried about the male teacher shortage he has suggested starting an in-house teacher training facility, the Press newspaper […]

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Classroom Distinctions – One man’s classroom experience

MenTeach: This opinion piece appeared in the New York Times. Tom Moore, a 10th-grade history teacher at a public school in the Bronx, is writing a book about his teaching experiences. IN the past year or so I have seen Matthew Perry drink 30 cartons of milk, Ted Danson explain the difference between a rook […]

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Nelson College head wants to train male teachers

Nelson College headmaster Gary O’Shea is so concerned about the lack of quality male teachers he is looking at establishing an in-school teacher training college. He says it’s getting harder to find good male teachers because the profession is becoming so “feminised”. His idea, which is yet to go before the board of trustees, would […]

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Does the teacher’s gender affect students’ grades?

Would your son do better in school with a male teacher? What about your daughter with a female teacher? A new study suggests that gender may be the key to ensuring your child’s success in school, which in turn may be the answer to the academic troubles that many boys have. “Overall, two-thirds of the […]

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A shortage of male teachers takes its toll

The National Education Association found that the number of male public school teachers is at a 40-year low. Lenny Connors shakes his rear in time to music in front of 20 second-graders as a boombox screams the Macarena. The 21-year educator tries to teach the rhythmically challenged students the moves of a song only heard […]

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