How to become a certified teacher

MenTeach has been in correspondence with an organization helping people get their teacher certification. Here’s what they’ve told me: Earn Your Passport to Teaching A Respected, Efficient and Cost Effective Route to Becoming a Fully Certified Teacher Take your first step towards pursuing a rewarding teaching career with Passport to Teaching. Offered by the American […]

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Gentle Men and Strong Women – Avoiding the Male Teacher Trap

In her article More male teachers needed, Gayle wrote about the reasons male teachers are needed in the education system. She expressed it from a mother’s point of view and described how beneficial it is for children to have male figures in their life, especially in a society where many kids do not live with mum […]

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Working with infants & toddlers

Dear MenTeach: I’m proud of you for all that you’re are doing! We need more groups to support men in the field of teaching preschool and caregiving of young kids. I have learned for a guy to be a caregiver to infants/toddlers and teacher to preschool aged kids, that it takes time and passion to […]

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Men Gather Every Year at Retreat to Learn and Play

This is an article about how to develop and coordinate a retreat for men teachers. IN THE MORNING, in a circle on the floor, the men recite a series of children’s rhymes. Later, in the afternoon, they go outside for a rough-and-tumble game of broomball. The action resembles other winter games men play in northern […]

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Norway – Changing Gender Roles

The focus on men’s roles in Norway’s gender equality debate still generates some resistance. Men are commonly perceived as the strong and dominating gender while women tend to be viewed in terms of generations of discrimination and the ensuing need for special measures and positive actions. This perspective has been fundamental to the achievement of […]

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