Complacency over current shortage of male teachers

Like many boys, my son has gone through his entire primary schooling without having had a male teacher. Does it matter? Do boys need male role models? Would he be a more rounded person, better able to fit into society, if he had the experience of both male and female teachers? Of course it matters. […]

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More male teachers not required, says report

Boosting the number of male teachers in school would have little impact on boys’ attitudes towards education or their academic results, a report says today. Only one in eight primary teachers is a man and the figure for nurseries is smaller at one in eleven, but the idea boys would do better if they had […]

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Legal issues of accusations

There is an interesting discussion about hugging children in the Atlanta newspaper. Here is one excerpt: As to the male teachers: Remember I’m a lawyer – I do criminal cases. I’m by nature somewhat conservative. My point of view is skewed by my work where I walk into these disasters and try to throw enough […]

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Many male teachers keep choosing higher grades

WAUKESHA – Ben Miles is a rarity, but he doesn’t mind. In fact, he said he likes it a lot. Why is Miles a rarity? He’s a man teaching in the early elementary school grades. He’s even more of a rarity because he’s a kindergarten teacher, now as a long-term substitute at Saratoga Elementary School. […]

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Wanted: More Male Teachers

Each year more women become doctors and more men become nurses. In most fields, workforce stereotypes are fading away. But there’s a good chance that’s not the case in your child’s classroom. 37% of teachers in Sioux Falls high school classrooms are men. They make up 23% of Middle school teachers and account for just […]

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