I saw your reply to my post from last year. It is hard to believe that a whole year has passed already. Well I am currently under contract as a 2nd grade teacher in the same school I worked as an aide in last year. I am having the time of my life. I have been asked by nearly everyone on staff if I am actually having as much fun as it looks like I am. And, I am. I do not regret the effort and financial sacrifices to become a teacher. The support from the staff and parents is amazing but the best part is getting to work with 26 wonderful little people everyday helping them discover that learning is a part of life that will never stop and should always be enjoyable. The first year teaching is tough though, don’t be fooled that it will be an easy gig. Trying to meet the needs of 26 different and very diverse people is difficult at best, plus add in learning all of the new procedures of the new job, and lesson planning…..I am working more than I was an an attorney, but love every minute of it.

In my community there are virtually no male teachers in the elementary schools. My district has 11 k-6 buildings with 2 to 3 sections per grade, per building, making roughly 200 classroom teachers and probably there are only 4 or maybe 5 male teachers in all of the k-6 classrooms. So I am a novelty to say the least. I wish you luck and please post how things go. I am still here, just REALLY BUSY. I am actually going back trying to get some lessons done for the rest of the week and actually be ahead of the game this week.