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      I am only 41 and just retired from the practice of law to become a teacher. I finished all but writing my thesis for a masters in Ed and I was not the oldest man in my group. There was a retired man of 60 years who was looking to teach middle school, as well as another fellow my age who was going into high school education. I must also tell you that here in the western ‘burbs of Chicago the job market is tight so I am working as an aide in a 5/6 grade split room. There is also a 63 year old man that was just hired as an aide and the comments from all the teachers have been that they are so happy to have us in the school. The students are also very happy, I think you have more to offer than you may even know. Life provides a depth of experiences that are sooooo valuable to young people, especially those with no male role models, that a 22 year old can’t provide. I have been a little frustrated that this doesn’t seem to be recognized by many administrators though.

      Bottom line, DO IT, it will be hard and frustrating ( I left my own law pracrice to earn $11.00/hour, a mere $189.00/hour pay cut) but I find that it is so personally rewarding that the other things are little easier to swallow. Having an incredibly supportive wife also helps.

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      Bryan G Nelson

      Thanks so much for your comments. What an amazing story of following your vision and dream.


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      i saw your posting and am touched. I am 33 and in a few months will start graduate school for a MA in elementary education. I have been a real-estate broker in Manhattan for the past decade and am burnt out. My goal is to be a full time teacher by the time I am 37 because i will go part-time. I am writing because i noticed your post was submitted a while back and am wondering if you ever landed a full time teaching gig….What are you teaching? How is it going?

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      I saw your reply to my post from last year. It is hard to believe that a whole year has passed already. Well I am currently under contract as a 2nd grade teacher in the same school I worked as an aide in last year. I am having the time of my life. I have been asked by nearly everyone on staff if I am actually having as much fun as it looks like I am. And, I am. I do not regret the effort and financial sacrifices to become a teacher. The support from the staff and parents is amazing but the best part is getting to work with 26 wonderful little people everyday helping them discover that learning is a part of life that will never stop and should always be enjoyable. The first year teaching is tough though, don’t be fooled that it will be an easy gig. Trying to meet the needs of 26 different and very diverse people is difficult at best, plus add in learning all of the new procedures of the new job, and lesson planning…..I am working more than I was an an attorney, but love every minute of it.

      In my community there are virtually no male teachers in the elementary schools. My district has 11 k-6 buildings with 2 to 3 sections per grade, per building, making roughly 200 classroom teachers and probably there are only 4 or maybe 5 male teachers in all of the k-6 classrooms. So I am a novelty to say the least. I wish you luck and please post how things go. I am still here, just REALLY BUSY. I am actually going back trying to get some lessons done for the rest of the week and actually be ahead of the game this week.


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      Hi Mark

      Your story is very inspirational. I plan on starting grad school in January.

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      I am a sixty year old male. My dream is to “retire” from corporate life and certify to teach in the elementary grades. I have substitute taught enough to have found a focus with the younger students and would love to finish out the last fifteen years of my working life as a teacher.

      I am enrolled in a certification + Masters program now and progressing slowly.

      How realistic is it to believe I can be awarded a teaching contract in my mid sixties?

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      It is possible if you go about it with some savy and a plan. While you are taking courses, volunteer at your local school(s) so they (administrators) can see how effectively you work with whatever age/subject you choose. Once you have your credential, substitute so you get a feel for what it is really like all day in a classroom. Build your reputation and become an “asked for sub”. Then apply in an area of need…if you aren’t too tired. (retired)

      This is what I have done…except I don’t want to go back to full time teaching. Subbing three to four days a week is sufficient for me. I went from 39 years in the classroom to 6 years in corporate sale, New Homes for Developers…then back to teaching. Now I blog about my experiences at: http://www.3rrubrics.blogspot.com Check it out. Good luck, Bob

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