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      My Name is Bobby Rivers, and I’m a senior at Edward Waters College. I’m doing a research project title “Why There is a Need for African American Male Teachers”. So I would like some feed back on this issue.

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      Kitt Cox
      Gloucester, Massachusetts, US

      Hello Bobby,

      My short answer to your question is that our children’s teachers need to offer an accurate reflection of the diversity of the society we live in. In this case, both boys and girls get exposed to a lot of positive models about what a man or an African American can be.

      My question back at you –

      “what, if any, difference do you think African American males would make by working in “representative numbers” in preschools , family childcare, and
      other family support roles in their communities?”.

      respectfuly and curiously, Kitt

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      Darrell 310

      My name is Darrell I am a African American Kindergarten Teacher, I have been working in early childhood education for over 15 yrs. There is a great need for males especially minorities.
      For children under the age of 6:
      On average, they spend about two hours a day with screen media – the same amount of time as they spend playing outside, and three times as much time as they spend reading or being read to.
      77% turn on the TV by themselves
      71% ask for their favorite videos
      67% ask for particular shows
      62% use the remote to change channels and
      71% ask for their favorite videos or DVDs.
      Children at this young early age are exposed to negative images on Tv of the minority male. We are portrayed as thugs, pimps, hustler, abusers, rapist , thefts ……etc. To counter these negative images we need to show that the minority male is caring, nurturing smart and a positive role model.

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