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      How did you “link” these traits to masculinity? Utilizing gender research or through empirical research of your own, or qualitative study?

      I have always been the only male teacher at my schools and uncertain what aspects of my teaching style are gender related and which are simply my personality. I am curious how you have separated these behaviors out as “male” rather than “you”.

      Just curious. Ed

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      I kept a reflective journal of my teaching and made notes when i realsied anything. At the moment i am still looking at all my data. I’m also looking at some childrens work who were my profile children and seeing whether any particular styles that i used meant that they produced better work.

      I am however coming to the conclusion that it is an issue of personality rather than gender. I think gender has a big part to play in teaching and i am sure that i do do some things different to a female teacher.

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      Yes, overwhelmingly with me. I’m a retired teacher, elementary. 39 years. Check out my blog/post and see how “masculine” it is. http://www.3rrubrics.blogspot.com We need more males and their approach in the primary grades. Bob Burgan

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      I am doing some research into whether my masculinity and male idenity affects the teaching approaches and styles that i use in school. I have already done my research and have found some things that i do which i have linked to my masculinity. Such as my use of humour, doing more work outside, use of resources and especially ICT as well as other things.

      Does anyone have any thoughts or any resources or literature that i would find helpful to complete my dissertation?

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