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      Kitt Cox
      Gloucester, Massachusetts, US

      Congratulations on your new career. If all goes well with your teaching, perhaps we’ll need fewer lawyers, judges and prisons in the future.
      btw – my eldest son, who was also a preschool student of mine, is now a lawyer – and a damn good dad to his two sons.

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      Congratulations on you career change. I started out 25 years ago to get a degree in education. I Did not finish, but I am seriously considering finishing what I started. Any comments?

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      I just wanted to say hi to this community. I am a 41 year old man who retired from my law practice of 15 years to be an elementary teacher. I have no regrets except that I didn’t do this when I was 20. I student taught this past spring in a first grade class and had to settle for an aide position in a 5/6 split classroom for my first job.

      What got me here was helping in my daughter’s kindergarten class 3 years ago and being struck by how different school was from when I went, and the wonderful response the children had to me being there. I look forward to being a part of our children’s education and this movement to get men back into their lives in positive nurturing roles.

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