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      Thanks for sharing this article as I am getting ready to step into a caregiving role for two infants it helps me to know different things about development and such.

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      I found this article very interesting.

      Zero to Three

      However, I wonder if it places too much emphasis on the differences between men and women as caregivers? I believe that male caregivers are important NOT because they offer something to children that female caregivers lack. Rather, I think that male role models are important for children because:

      a) it shows kids that men can do this, too;

      b) it helps them to have a true-life male role model and not see men as so separate/foreign;

      c) it is mutually beneficial to both child and caregiver to have this experience;

      d) it helps overcome the stereotype that this is not something that males were meant to do.

      I don’t think that a “separate but equal” approach is the way to go.

      Have a nice week,
      Jen Fraser

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