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      I am a 33 year male and am thinking abuot making a career change. When I think about what I want to do I keep coming back to teaching and I am not sure why because I have no teachers in my family and I have never worked in a classroom setting so i am not even sure if I would like something like this because I have absolutely no experience. One of the reasons why I think this may be for me is because when I speak w/ someone who is a teacher for some reason I am jealous….and when I speak with some of my peers who are lawyers/investment bankers etc I could care less.

      I have inquired and have been accepted to a local MA program….but the only thing that is holding me back is because I have NO EXPERIENCE working in a classroom so why would I make a leap to working in one full-time? Any advice would be helpful.

      I am married, father of one (soon to be 2)….and my wife is incredibly supportive of this decision.

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