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      I would be hard pressed to tell you a worse time in the last 40 years to change
      your career to teaching. First you dog would NEVER be permitted in the school
      for liability reasons and others. Second, there is a glut of unemployed, certified
      teachers in every state of the union. Third..there is no priority to hire men in fact
      many times men cannot even get an interview.
      You would be better off learning how to “shoe” horses.

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      I have always wanted to be a teacher; when I was a kid, my Mom bought me a chalkboard, per my request, and I pretented to teach invisible kids in my room. Kids (and dogs) love me and me them; I can relate to them and know how to give them the attention they need. I plan to secretly target the unpopular kid and spend the school year with special focus on them to help make them more popular, and to help them get in touch with their special gifts and fit in better (I have good experience with that, a tall boy, average in popularity. But I had friends (i.e. aquaintances from the full specturm, hoods to most popular).

      I virtually raised my roommates 2 grandchildren from 1 – boy, and 6 – girl, for 15 years, they were African-American and I am a white man. My “granddaughter” (I was way too young to be a GF) recently said, after my grandson was killed, “No Tad, DJ and I loved that you raised us (not referring to Grandma at all, I wanted to be the fun guy, but turned out also had to be the diciplinarian-I have some thoughts on that also, “spare the rod spoil the child”, but commuicate in love afterwards; a parental decision.)” It really touched me.

      The thing that made me decide against being an elementary teacher, was that I am same-for-same, so I always imagined a stigma, and false accusations, and etc. Now 51, an Executive Assistant, I want to change my career to Elementary Teacher, but I feel I am a little old, and it takes 4 years. I really don’t have the incentive to go for it. If I decide to, I’d be open to teaching Black kids in the inner-city. Or teach in Japan or China. I can bring good organizational skills to the classroom and strong moral support and example, being a Jesus disciple. Prejudice and lying would certainly rate Detention. I would encourage student-to-student support for each other, all for one, one for all.

      I would be an English Teacher. I excelled in English thanks to Miss Miller, who I wanted to marry. Then I became a problem pupil, and refused to take a test, and she sent me to the Vice Principal. I didn’t get detention or anything, he must have understood. She got married (on the bunny hill at a popular ski resort, the preacher skied down apparently) and became Mrs. Fitzgerald!!

      I would have an extra foot up, I have a Service Dog that I would bring with me to work, a beautiful Aussie, who is totally socialized to children and everyone. I believe Reggie would help the kids to focus, and could be a built-in incentive, like a dual teaching team!

      Please visit my blog, http://godparentsgodkids.blogspot.com/ Thank you. Tad

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