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      Bryan G Nelson

      Thanks Jason for your posting.

      It’s always so hopeful to hear about a man working with children – especially infants. Men can fly to the moon, do complicated surgery, be coaches or therapists – yet – some believe that men aren’t capable of caring and nurturing babies.

      I hope you’ll post weekly or monthly updates.

      Besides working as a teacher from birth through college – I also was a Manny in Moscow, USSR to two different US Embassy families. I found it challenging and very rewarding!

      Good luck!


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      Entering the Manny Zone!

      Well my last post was out of frustration, I am a 25 year old male that has been looking at working in Childcare for some time now. It has been such a growing process going to interviews and being in a predominately female work environment. Plus dealing with all the raised eyebrows and ??? stares from peers and other men who think I am nuts for wanting to go into childcare, it is suprising to see how when we are raised with stereotypical views of men in childcare we have that attitude towards men who work in childcare. I was raised in a home where my dad changed the diapers and did all the things that fathers should do, then as I grew he taught me how to do all that as my brothers were born. All of the childcare experience I have came from my dad, handed down to me and I value that. So I might have asked for something…lol being all confused about the attitude of men changing diapers and working with babies and now I have an oppurtunity of a lifetime that I am about to step into.

      I was notified of the job posting a week or so ago by the family themselves. They had inquired about me becoming a full time Manny for them (male nanny) I looked at the workload, hours, pay and went along with the interview. The children are two infant baby girls one is 3 months and the other is 14 months. I went over to the house and sat down with the family last week and really engaged with the two babies, it is going to be my crash course of entering into the fatherhood role. I am waiting to hear back from them about the hire I feel confident from the communication that they were excited and looking at my background and then after meeting me they were set on hiring me.

      So…I am excited, nervous and thrilled all at the same time. I will go from working full time in sales and managerial work to full time diaper changing and feedings, nap times and all sorts of Fisher price fun. I have gotten a lot of support from my family and my dad has been really affirming to me, it is awesome that I have this support as I am stepping out into this role.

      I wanted to post this to encourage other guys who are wanting to move into childcare to really persevere and be persistent, you won’t make it in unless you have the passion to not give in despite all the roadblocks. After so many interviews and no call backs and no responses I just became content and then a week or so later this came knocking on my door. I am excited that this job will probrably last for a few years because the bonding that will take place will need to stay there like I can’t walk into these two girl’s lives and then just up and run a month or so later, they have a loving father but both parents work full time so they need a male in their lives as they grow up. It is awesome and just fulfilling to know that the love and nurturing that I am going to give to these two babies is going to give them security and stability in their identity as females.

      Thanks for all your support and I am sure you will hear back from me in the next few weeks and months but it will probrably be while I have one hand washing a pacifier and the other grabbing for a wet wipe and trying to type with my nose while I feed the cat with my feet.


      ALSO This is a great article to read and there is a video as well of the Manny (Joe Potter) Check it out!


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