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      I am currently serving in the U.S. Army as a Medic with a unit stationed in Alaska and my tour of duty will come to an end in August. I am seriously looking into the education field and would one day like to teach high school english and or literature. I would like to know what options I have open to me. I know this is very vague but I am at a crossroads. Any information regarding good universities to attend, course of study i.e. a degree in english/literature versus gen. ed. degree. I considered reenlisting but realized the best way to impact the future leaders of this country would be to teach. In the past few weeks I have become very passionate about it. So any information would be helpful.

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      Bryan G Nelson

      Thanks for leaving a message on the MenTeach forum.

      There are many options to consider. You can look in the Resources section of MenTeach to answer many of those questions.

      One good program for career changes is The New Teacher Project.

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      Wow! I noticed that you posted this message last year…. Hopefully you’re still around and pursuing your higher education towards the goal of becoming a teacher….. I retired from the military after 20 years and after being an instructor, a Drill Sergeant and a senior instructor for the last 8 years of my military career, I determined that I actually love the classroom and am now studying to be a history teacher…. I hope all is going well for you or others out there (former military servicemembers) who are moving from trenches to classrooms…..

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