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      Men in Education Research Project

      Past, current, and future male teachers and other education professionals are invited to share their thoughts for a collaborative investigation of the lack of men in education, particularly at the primary or early childhood level. This is a dissertation research study based on a graduate level course taught at a major public university entitled Men in Education and Male Teachers. I am seeking participants to discuss briefly some of the major ideas discussed in the class and receive confirmation that these issues are indeed important to male educators. This will assist me with the recommendation and subsequent design of potential policy interventions or programs that may help solve the male teacher dilemma.

      Participation is voluntary and I may ask that our conversation be recorded for transcription purposes. All transcripts, however, will be assigned a number and all names or other personal references will be removed. Please contact me at the following email address with any questions or if you are interested in participating.

      Shaun Johnson
      Indiana University

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