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      Yes, I have fond memories of many male teachers, especially in H.S. English: Mr. Harada, Music: Mr. Skanse. Their influence were what caused me to become a career teacher in Lang. Arts and Music. I now sub at several local schools and volunteer at two. Since I’ve been doing it for four years, many of the students know me and call out my name when I’m on campus. Why? Because I have fun with them while they learn…make teaching/learning process to way and fun. (not just test prep) Check out my blog which shares my current experiences: http://www.3rrubrics.blogspot.com

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      I could not help but be moved and impacted by your organization via the Good Morning America show this morning. This past week, Madison Connecticut teacher Mark Hershnik passed away suddenly at the age of 48. A graduate of our local High School, Daniel Hand High School, and a 25 year teacher in our school system, Mr. Hershnik was a legend in our schools and in our town and made a positive impact in the lives of his many students (his Hershnikians!!). Recognized as a tough and challenging educator; yet funny, he earned respect and admiration from his students of many years.

      The male role model in our school systems, and for our children, is so important to the students. My hope is that we will continue to see generations of Mr. Hershniks have an impact on our children as Mr. Hershnik did. See attached memorial:


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