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      Good morning, I would be honored to give comments about your topic. Please read my posting “Professional Influencing Lives”.


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      I’m writing a book about boys and school and I have a chapter on male teacher — as in, is this the answer to male underachievement. I’d like to set up some interviews with articulate male teachers. Anyone want to help me with this — you’ll be quoted in my book.


      Peg Tyre

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      I have taught at public, charter, and correctional schools, and could potentially give you an interesting perspective on how men influence male students inside the classroom. I’ll use the above number for contact.

      Those who can, teach.

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      Ms. Tyre,
      I’m a high school teacher of several years teaching grades 9-12 AND have concurrently managed our school’s In School Suspension & Detention program. The experiences have been mutually beneficial – fascinating’s a better description – so I’ll be interested to hear from you. I always use this associated e-mail. Thanks

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      Louis Falk

      I am new to this website but have been in the ed field for 25 years. There is a field called Early Childhood Education which currently employs very few men if any. I work in a program that encourages men to apply because as research has stated men are an important part of the early years and can be the difference makers when measuring future success for boys. I do believe that is the answer to underachievement and it has to do with appropriate role models more than anything else. We are seeing a large population of single parent families without positive male influence and this is where the investment has to be made. You cannot wait until later on in school where we find more men teaching. We cannot skip the first 5 years as they are the most important and the age where there is the least amount of positive male role models for boys.

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      rick lynn

      Our individual environments and treatment greatly affects our lives.

      I have been noticing the Male Crisis since back in 1993 while going over the United States Statistical Abstracts for College Intrance and Graduation by Gender. I know why Males are falling behind and have written extensively on my learning theory that will help all students. My theory and its cognitive tools also explains the growing International Male Crisis as a long-term social problem, not a genetic or effort problem. It will go to all on request.
      Free to all by e-mail at mayfieldga@bellsouth.net I am sending all I have to the e-mail address listed above. I will make an exception this time.

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