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      After many years of owning and operating a very successful business, I decided to attend college. I had always thought that I was not college material, thinking of myself as not being smart enough. During my time in college I held 32 credits a semester and a 3.5 to 4.0, thus proving to myself that I could get it done. During this time the No Child Left Behind act came into play, which requires all new teachers to have the praxis testing passed to recieve certification. Well I have been successful in praxis I, but not so in praxis II, which I have taken once. I am now at a crossroads, not sure if I will go back and retake the test.
      My first two years out of college I was able to teach at a small Catholic School, no certificate required. The pay was very low; yet the rewards were many.
      Since that time I have been working with Boys & Girls Club of America as the teacher/tutor.
      In many ways I would like to be a certified teacher, yet that test scares me. I have always had test anxiety. Without the license I am working in a lower wage bracket than most teachers.
      I have enjoyed reading the post from other male teachers; it helps me want to get back into the grove of working in a classroom setting.
      I guess I would enjoy hearing from other male teachers who may have or are having the same struggles with testing.

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