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      Hello, this is my first time visiting this website. I am African-American male. I have a strong passion for education and youth empowerment. I believe that education is a major key to success in life. My preference is to teach business education because I want to impart college preparation skills, mentorship, career aspirations, entrepreneurship, etc. into today’s urban students. I plan to incorporate several literacy and numeracy strategies into my teaching style. My goal as a business teacher is to prepare my students for life-long success and to become our future entrepreneurs and business owners. As I enter the field of education, I want to positively influence the lives of our youth population.

      I am concerned that there are not enough male teachers in today’s school systems. Certainly, this is a reflection of our society, in which most households are headedy by a female versus the traditional two-parent household. However, our students strongly need the presence of more male teachers for guidance, fatherhood, mentorship, and of course, academic achievement. I learned in prior teaching assignments that a teacher can not adequately train his/her students until he/she has REACHED them. Teachers must make a connection with the students, then proceed with the lesson plan.

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