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      Bryan G Nelson

      Great to have your posting!

      There are so many interesting men in teaching and men going into teaching. There are men who were police officers, Marines, World Bank attorneys, construction workers, artists, doctors and cooks and now there’s you, a successful businessman coming from Real Estate.

      The children are the one’s who really will benefit from your and other men’s participation.

      Again – thanks for your posting to help challenge people’s misconception about men and teaching.


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      I am ALSO leaving real-estate and considering becoming an educator. ! I would love to know if you made the move and if you have found a job.

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      Dan W.

      I recently read a gentleman who indicated society somewhat looks down on male teachers or at least there is no prestige with being a male teacher. I am a real estate business owner of multiple companies and have recently went back to school to complete my degree to become a teacher. I am currently making a high six figure income and own property all over the states. I have decided to walk away from the business I have known for almost 20 years. My reasons for this change are obviously not financial, status, hours, etc…….but more so to try and make a difference in some childrens lives. I currently coach youth girls softball, boys youth football and I am a board member for a youth program as well. I have learned I personally find it tremendously rewarding when I have assisted a child and taught them something new. Our society with television and radio makes it difficult for children to know what is right from wrong, and it is up to us to try and keep them on the right path. I understand my situation is much different because of the financial aspect, but the bottom line here is if you love to work with children, does it really matter what others think?

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