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      Perhaps it is the economy, but i am thrilled that I started classes last week to get my MS in Elementary Ed and was happy to see that SEVEN of the 17 in my classes are MEN. 🙂

      This is very encouraging….

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      Bryan G Nelson

      Congrats on starting your Masters in Elementary Education.

      And thanks for the information.

      During the Depression in 1930s there was an increase in men teacher. In addition, after World War II, because of the GI Bill (money to attend school for soldiers), there was a huge increase – from 14% to almost 45%.

      With both the bad economy and soldiers coming back from war – I believe we are going to see a major influx of men to teacher.

      What does everyone else think?

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      I’m surprised (but heartened) to hear about an education class in grad school with such a high proportion of men. I just finished my M. Ed. and got very used to being the ONLY male student in my classes. Add in the fact that I’m 50 — I was unique in two ways, often being the oldest as well! Thankfully, I learned many years ago that girls don’t bite, so had no trouble surviving the ordeal. Let’s hope there is an influx of men in grad (and elementary) school classrooms. The need is certainly there.

      Bill Rudin
      Upper Elementary (Job-Hunting) Teacher

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