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      mike w

      Hello everyone, I am in the process of writing a signature assignment for the masters program I am in.

      The topic that I have chosen to write about is Title IX. My particular interest is in the area of men in education.

      It may come as no surprise that men are being drastically outpaced in almost all areas of education– from teaching to attending and almost everything in between. Statistics from United States Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics indicates that since the early 80s men have been awarded fewer degrees than women.

      Although I can not find statistics to support it, there seems to be less men involved in teaching.

      Title IX was developed to eliminate the practice of sexual discrimination by withholding federal funds for organizations that practice sexual discrimination or harassment. I would like to ask, anyone that would like to answer, do you think that men are afforded the same protections under Title IX as women?

      If so, what do you believe should/could be done to help ‘level the playing field’ for men in much the same way Title IX did for women?

      Also, if others would like to tell me their personal stories about being ‘passed-by’ for teaching positions you believe because you were male, I would appreciate it. my email is micahel_werner71@yahoo.com.

      Thanks, Mike

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